10 Things To Do With The Wife

Whether you’re in the dog house or not? She is your better half, always there to pick you up! So here are so fun Ideas for you and the wife or partner! Sin City Life!

  1. A day out shopping, wither it’s just hanging out. Or even a little window shopping. You will know what she likes or wants for your next surprise gift.
  2. Winter picnic, hot soup, a little hot chocolate and sinful conversation!
  3. Take a class together Cooking, art, something fun for two.
  4. Find a hobby together, anything to be closer! Golf, trivia!
  5. Weekend hotel getaway, maybe a camping trip.
  6. Short, long walks just around the neighbor hood! Live healthy..
  7. Trip to the petting zoo, for some heavy petting!
  8.  Couple message at home or not both are clothing optional.
  9. Surprise I’m taking you to get your Hair & Nails Done!
  10. Wine Tasting and diner events, Sit at the bar for apps!   The-Ice-Rink-5-588

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