Love & Restaurants

Did I ever tell you how I met my wife? The other day I was thinking about her! I then remember something that had happen during our fight? So our story goes a little like this.

We had a first date, a first kiss! The very next day I tried to take her out to dinner. Well she says no and I’m still not sure why? Normally you usually wait a week? I didn’t care though I just wanted to be with her! She just didn’t know how much I was in Love with her, or maybe she did? And well she probably never tell me why she said no?

Ok so now back to the story, it goes a little like this. We were at work, she was off doing something? So I go out back off to the side, you know kind of hiding out. I use to smoke back then. Now next thing you know it! I was turning around, on my way back in to work. She comes outside I paused finished my smoke she kind of takes a sit. I’m not sure why, I think she wanted to talk? Well we never had that talk! And I’m still chasing after her, and her dreams! That night I practically ran in the building! Just so afraid to talk to her, you know she shot me down! She makes me so crazy! And I can talk to anyone, anywhere! So Smart, So Beautiful! Love & Restaurants

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