Love & Restaurants

So did I ever tell you how I met my wife? You know the more I think  about it! I think she knew I was in Love with her? Wow you know what that means! She gets away with everything, she’s the One! Back to the fact, we were out one night. And of course I was wasted! We were at a club, with some friends from work. Sin City Night Life!

1,2,3,4 on the dance floor. Have you ever just been so in Love with someone? I’m kind of  a jealous man? But the thing is it’s only with her. Ok so were at the club on the dance floor this kid approaches! He just wanted to dance with her? It was the look on his face! Was he testing me and trying to move in on my girl? Well of course I went after him with hate! But I have some really great friends and they saved his life! They pretty much had to pull me off the guy. Love waits for no one, sometimes you have to fight for it!          Love & Restaurants!

                            “The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings”



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