10 Days In Georgia Mr. Possum

So as I walk down the train track, with the sun setting on my back. I needed to find a camping spot for the night. I set up my tent and took it easy for the first night. I thought to my self winter is coming! Tomorrow I head south, it was cold and amazing! I love the call of the wild fresh air anything can happen survival. Camping not to far from the train tracks, the roar of a train. Morning comes it’s time to pack out. I kept thinking lets not make that trip to soon? A mile goes by on the parallel tracks.

Eureka I found a place! Their was just something about it? It called my name, surrounded by earth in a ravine you might say. I find in old rusted out 50 gallon drum, cut perfect for a make shift fire pit. I gathered wood, what’s for dinner tonight we feast. I think I had a can of spaghetti? I sat back with the fire, which lit up the sky. Stars through the trees, crackle in the wind. I kept hearing something in the distance? I didn’t pay any attention at first. But it kept getting closer, it startled me for a minute. What could it be, was it a wild pig, a bear? The light from the fire I was blinded! As it got closer knife in hand it was a possum!

Mr. Possum I now call him! He came often to hangout and say hi! You know it was really amazing it’s not often they come so close to welcome you. He was a naughty Possum, he like to rummage thru my leftovers. But that’s ok he had his family to feed. I’m not sure how many kids he had? They were shy and didn’t come to close. Hope your ok Mr. Possum comeback and visit anytime!


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