10 Day’s in Georgia

True to life, travel thru time. My Love the first thing I thought about this morning was you! And I have never stopped, this story is about my recent time in Georgia. As you know and I’m sure your aware I traveled to see all that follow. And well by now you know it will soon be over! We will finally be able to finish this chapter. So in the mean time I’m going to tell you a story. My 10 days in Georgia..

Still I wonder what are lives are going to be like? What are future has in store for us? Kids, Family, Friends, old a new, you crazy sister! I’m extremely nervous like are first kiss! What am I going to say? I want to tell you everything is going to be alright? Hearts and minds you know it will. The life I live is for you and only you! The story continues, Miss You, Love You, Bunny Kisses!


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