10 Days In Georgia Mr. Fox & Miss. Doe

Everyday seems like a new adventure, with a little drizzle of rain. The weather has been nice. The air smells of dry linen, clean cotton. As I get up in the morning, life seems to begin. Mr. Tibbs was a nice treat, but I did not get a picture. I do not have a phone, cut off from the world. The days were still long and the night began to become cooler. Every night the temperature seems to drop just a little more. I keep writing day after day, waiting. I walk the parallel tracks for water every morning.

One day I decide to venture a little more down the tracks. Just like a seen out of movie. I hear sounds like foot prints in the sand. At night you can hear everything much louder. Maybe even a ghost story like in the first chapter. It’s the call of the wild I’m making new friends. They seem to be near never to stray so far away. A man walking a dog he looks but continues on. The dog looks up but he never paid any attention, just a part of the animal kingdom.

Mr. Fox and his Family and friends scurry back and forth across the tracks. Miss Doe stops and looks with her own curiosity. I did not see to much of Mr. Fox, Family and friends. I however saw Miss. Doe often, with a few of her friends all around the same age. I think the curiosity of such a stranger to the kingdom, they became more play full? Miss Doe decides to follow me home this fall moon night. I believe maybe just to see, that I made it home ok. Thanks Miss Doe and Mr. Fox it was nice meeting you! As the days continued I felt like I was apart of something. The story continues with a few more furry friends.


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