10 Days In Georgia Mr. Tibbs

Now back to the first night, stars between the trees.  Crackle of the fire in the wind. As I laid by the fire, the tree branches begin to sway. The sounds of twigs breaking the ruffle of leaves? I  didn’t give it too much thought at the time? You know there are always sounds a shadows untold ghost stories. But this is no ghost story, just the Wild Life.

So now let me take you back! A little trip thru childhood bumps and bruises. Some that know me then and now! I am wild and rambunctious, uncontrollably exuberant boy! I have traveled half away around the globe. I love hiking, camping, howl of the wild! The love for all things full of life. Animals and insects, creepy and crawly.

I meet a Tree Frog his name is Mr. Tibbs. This tree frog is indigenous to Georgia, yea I had to look it! I wasn’t to sure I was thinking South America or something. I have never in all my years have ever seen something like Mr. Tibbs. I have on occasion on TV or in National Geo. I was just so amazed at the bright colors blue and green. The tiny round eyes, octopus like feet. Mr. Tibbs came and introduced himself for just a moment. I think he just wanted to say hi and get a little warm by the fire.

As the call of the wild beckons, I only saw Mr. Tibbs that first night. But I’m sure he is still out there! Some where in those backwoods of Georgia. Mr. Tibbs stay warm!



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