No Law Suit

Today I received some long over do paperwork on two previous employer that took everything away from me! The employees the company choose not to do the right thing. They have done everything but take my life at this point! In life sometimes you have to make the choice. I’m taking my life back I’m not going to file any Law Suit. Living in everyday fear of not knowing you can run but you can hide. A life long walk of shame for all of you!

Paul Cleveland Branham III
7708 Fall Cliff Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89149
PH: (803) 764-2854

This written testimony is to the best of my knowledge. I’m not too sure when the harassment really began? During the harassment I have suffered from Hospitalization, anxiety, depression, paranoia, physical, mental, abuse, attempted homicide, sexual harassment. Cyber terrorism, interstate stalking, interstate communication, held against will in some way or fashion, hate crime, civil rights abuse. I suffered even more harassment during my hospitalization at Three Rivers Behavioral Hospital. I believe I was as given a high dose of medication without consent. That evening the harassment continued and went to cardiac arrest. Where I also received hospital care from Lexington Medical Center.

These were to the best of my knowledge corporate employee from Bloomin Brands Home Office Tampa Bay, Fl. Simon and Robin. Before my hospitalization I may have also been stalked by more corporate employees. I was also being stalked months prior to this incident. These are some of the people I have witnessed Carrie, Shelbi Swanger, Shaun, Austin, Brooke Nelson, Rob, Logan, Chad, Lascee. They are employees, managers, and owners. Bonefish Grill Columbia, SC. Carolina Wings & Rib House Lexington, SC.

I never filled any complaints or police reports during the harassment. I quit booth jobs of my own free will. I left and move home to Las Vegas NV. I travel by Greyhound bus from Columbia, SC to Las Vegas, NV. All busses were fitted with cameras. More harassment continued during my trip. Men were trying to intimidate and or assault me in some way. I overheard a black women mentioning what they were supposed to do and when. Once we reached Augusta, GA they were afraid to make the move. A white male wearing a cowboy hat reaches for a knife in his carry-on bag. The man was going to attempt to cause bodily damage and or death. I had a bag of 10-pc Chef’s knife set and I believe they changed their mind on the attempt.

There were more men and groups of people using the same kind of intimidation. From Columbia, SC to Las Vegas, NV. I had a 14 hour layover in AZ were the first mentioned of the Drug Cult began? During the 14 hour layover an employee of the greyhound bus stop mentioned if I call Carrie everything will stop. A Hispanic male he mentioned the Phone Number being 595-4444. I also believe I may have been drugged in some way?

The last stop before Las Vegas I was brought to a place. Bakersfield Cali. Were there may have been murders have taken place? As I was standing outside of the bus surrounded waiting for them to take my life. I hear multiple gun shots and a black man comes to me and says Carrie was in there and now there are body’s everywhere. I believe they may have been trying to recruit me for a drug dealing cult being ran by Carrie and Shaun? The building is abandoned and located in Bakersfield California next to Valero station?
I have filled a complaint with the Attorney General of California.
For the attempted Homicide of my person. 11/22/2017

During my stay at my sister house the harassment continues. While in my room would hear voices of Allyson, Caroline and once they arrived there was a mention of the Mexican Mafia and two-gun shots. As the weeks pass by, I over hear dthat I’m being held hostage and I have no idea. There were fire arms and guns being fired I believe from underneath the house and a mention of explosive.

One night I hear my sister outside arguing with Carrie. She said if I tell her I love her it will be over. I also heard Krystin Adrianna talking to my sister? Among other employees of Carolina Wings and Bonefish Grill. Weeks go buy harassment continues even in the community of Las Vegas. Towards the end of my stay in Las Vegas I was assaulted by my Sister not knowing the reason why? I believe she had been recruited for the domestic terrorism drug cult. I overheard the water in Las Vegas was being containment. There was also a mention that a massacre had taken place before my arrival in Las Vegas.

Left for dead and homeless by my sister. I stayed in Las Vegas for a few more weeks, I think before coming back South Carolina. I’m still being harassed in South Carolina to the best of my knowledge? Cyber Terrorism, stalking. I have made many attempts and reports, complaints since Las Vegas and till the date. I have filled with local and state agency. I have also filled with FBI, Homeland Security, and District attorney Las Vegas, South Carolina. Columbia Police Dept., Las Vegas Metro Police Dept., EEOC.
I have overheard some many stories of embezzlement, child molestation, human trafficking. Drug cult, murder, massacre, drug houses. People from corporate office being involved Simon.

There were also a mention of camera and microphones and booth Carolina Wings & Rib House Red Bank. Bonefish Grill Columbia, Harbison. A mock trial and testimony from all employees from both restaurants. Street testimony being used in Las Vegas. Lawyer meetings, nondisclosure agreements. Shaun and Carrie communication by phone. Talks of Mormon Church. My phone maybe hacked and cloned by Carrie and other employees and managers. From Booth Restaurants. I also overheard they were acting as a terrorist cell network. If someone was arrested or became compromise another group was activated.

I also overheard during my admitting into Three Rivers Behavioral Hospital that Carrie drove her car through the restaurant Bonefish Grill.
And she was in the hospital watching me and everything on camera. There were many employee of the restaurant group Bloomin Brands there during my stay? I have no idea how many people were involved during the attempted homicide and harassment. And to this day I’m not sure why all of this has taken place or what reason it had to do with me.
Witness Bonefish Grill.
Laityn Shaw
Shelbi Swanger
Chris Poole
Carolina Wings & Rib House
Chauncey Sears
Jessica Pepples
Logan Thompson
Katherine Kessler
Kristyn, Adrianna
Paul Welborn
These are some of the witness I think might be Helpful?
Names of people who may have the most involvement?
Bonefish Grill
Brooke Nelson
VP of region
Carolina Wings & Rib House

Other Employee Involvement I’m not too sure?
Thursday 11/23/2017
I believe Carrie and her associates maybe harassing family through communication. I believe she may have told my Mother to turn and leave stove on to burn the house down food and family. Attempted mass homicide!
I do not have tracking numbers for FBI, Homeland Security complaints.
Las Vegas Metro online police report complaint tracking #
Columbia, SC online Police Report
Tracking # T17001215



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