10 Days in Georgia With Mr. Squirrel

As I continued to be welcomed as a furry guest. This morning came with lots of sunshine and good mornings. As I Gather the wood, take a sunlight shower. Breakfast of champions, a little coffee maybe a smore? After breakfast its time to get the water. The water hole amongst the backdrop of pine and straw. I have my stainless water cylinder’s, air tight water caps.

As I approached the fountain of youth, my furry friend Mr. Squirrel stops by! It’s kind of funny though, I have been seeing him and his friends around a lot! Those two have been causing all sorts of mischief all around the woods lately! They kind of like to run around the house during my daily choirs. But today Mr. Squirrel had his own chores. Building a home near the watering hole. He found a really good spot nice and warm for the winter. I should have asked if he need any help? But You know it look like he had it all under control. He couldn’t say much with his mouth full of straw and seemed in a hurry. Stay warm Mr. Squirrel till next time!


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