10 Days in Georgia with Mr. Black Bird

Curiosity is what seems to keep me going sometime. The thrill of not knowing, just what life might have in store for me today. Furry friends and guest ruffled feathers. It’s been days now there is weather moving in on me. Fall is now turning to winter, a mallard flies over with the sun on his back. Everyday chores, amazing nights by the fire. I think of wild tales, my next story.

I have all these new friends, Mr. Possum, Mr. Squirrel, Fox and Doe. Today I believe we have made a new one. Mr. Black Bird he follows me where ever I go. You may not believe it? I didn’t at first either, but its true. As I look everyday he is sure to follow. He has a wing span like a small airplane. Fly’s softy in the wind as it carries him. They call it mother nature I believe? I’m not exactly sure why he follows, just being curious I guess? But I feel as if he is just keeping a watchful eye. I will take him where ever I go, Mr. Black Bird.



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