The Eye of the Storm

The trip began like in any other trip. We charted are course, with grandfathers maps. We pack, all thing necessary. We check the weather smooth sailing is in the forecast. Located off Georges Bank in cool, calm waters. The S.S Minnow, we have been working it all winter and just in time for the summer. Its outfitted with a new engine and a classy paint job. My father always told me! We are at the heart of the sea and at the mercy of the current.

We are in for the time of are lives! We leave the docks, bait and tackle. The fishing trip of trips! I have a new rod and reel! I am ready for anything no fish is too big. It’s a warm day with just a little chill in the air. The end of spring and the beginning of summer. We travel a hundred nautical miles out! Then something happen the sky begins to fade. Clouds are rolling in, it’s all happening to fast. The wave begin to pick up! Rain showers have disrupted our a view. May Day, May Day, This is The S.S Minnow!

May Day, May Day, we are a hundred miles due north 138 degrees north, 75 degrees west longitude, latitude. The waves are 30 feet and rising! I have a fish on what I do! Hold on son help is on the way its a hurricane the eye is coming. May Day, May Day please disregard! Reel it in son this storm is going to pass! We are on are way the eye of the storm!


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