Gone Fishing

It was a day, like any other day. It was a nice a fall day, cool wind in the air. The Wife ask me? Where do you think your going? I was up late the night before planning my get way. I hear the call of the wild! The roaring of clean crystal clear river of big fish dreams. Well the story actual begins when I was a child. I have been chasing Mr. Wilbur the biggest fish I have ever seen ever since. The Wife always just laughs, how was Mr. Wilbur today. And of course I just mumble under my breath in case of fall out. Mr. Wilbur is just fine my Love. And of course she always says I bet he is, I bet he is.

With the wild river escape plan in action. My Love how does fish sound for dinner? She replies it sounds great! She already knew the plan, with a slight grin and a giggle. I grab my fishing gear, which I had laid out the previous night. I almost forget my unlucky fishing cap on the way out! As I make my way to the river, something comes over me? Today seems different heart begins to race. As I approach the river splash, splash its Mr. Wilbur!

I’m in the river waist deep, slash, splash he must be at least 50 pounds! I almost lose my footing! Wham he takes the bait, I almost messed myself! Out of the water, splash I’m doing everything just to reel him in! Splash I pull left I pull right I got him! The greatest fish tale I have ever told! And of course I let Mr. Wilbur go, and came home with no fish for dinner. Hi, honey how was Mr. Wilbur he is just fine My Love! I bet he is, I bet he is!



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