Short Stories of Love Animated

     “Squirrel Tales”

I thought today I would write something special and sweet for my Wife! Mr. Squirrel has always had a squirrel crush! He pushes and save all of his winter acorn breakfast just for her. He likes to tell all of his friends about her! Hey guys yea these acorns are for winter I am on a diet. His friends would just smile you look great! Of course there are no secrets in forest. Everyone knew of his Love For Miss Squirrel! But little did Mr. Squirrel know?

Miss Squirrel like to run and hide! She dance’s tree to tree searching for the his breakfast acorns. Miss Squirrel has been building a life for them, and will take no for in answer. Miss Squirrel has the look of Love and the sweetest smile!

Another beautiful morning in the forest! Winter is now setting in, leaves in a whirlwind. Crackle, crackle of tree branches Miss Squirrel running tree to tree! No more acorns nonsense! Mr. Squirrel still keeps hiding all of the acorns. He doesn’t get it! So Miss Squirrel says enough is enough! She searches high and low for Mr. Squirrel! Jumping tree to tree there he is! I need to talk to you Mr. Squirrel! Jumps onto the tree branch run to Mr. Squirrel wraps her furry tail around him! Pulls him in for a Squirrel kiss. Enough with the acorns were in Love Deal With It! This is are Squirrel tale my Love!


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