The Fox & Gray Wolf

The forest is being filled with the life of Love and Laughter. Fairy tales and wooded creatures, gecko wearing cloaks. Two best friends ready for in adventure, the Fox and Gray Wolf! Mr. and Mrs., Squirrel are now in item! No more hiding acorns Mr. Squirrel, the pair of them just laugh! They are a rambunctious pair causing problems where ever they go! Right now the two are in trouble with Mr. Bear!

Fox and Gray Wolf have been hanging out with little Cub the other day. And well of course the two got into a little trouble. Rumor has it, the gecko was in hiding and saw Fox and Gray Wolf in Mr. Bears honey hiding place. Of course Mr. Bear only hides the best! The little Cub is going to be in some big trouble! Gecko thinks little cub spilled the beans about Mr. Bears honey hiding place? On warm days Mr. Bear and little Cub like to hangout by the waterfall. And today just happen to be a really hot day!

So while at the water fall Mr. Bear catches wind that someone has been in his honey hiding place. So after little Cub comes down the water fall! He searches high and low for the Fox and Gray Wolf! Mr. Bear knows already it was the pair of them! Those two trouble makers! Crash, boom Mr. Bear starts to become a little more mad about his honey. Bushes start to shake the earth begins to rumble. He takes off after the pair, Growl, growl! I want to talk to you two! Have you been in my honey again? He pounces at Fox and Gray Wolf! Stay out of my honey as he growls! Fox is so scared he jumps on Gray Wolf! Gray Wolf with the look of surprise. Fox and Gray Wolf at it again!






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