10 Days in Georgia

The adventure continues with furry guest and camp fire writing. As night falls again, My Love another calendar day marked. I tried to carve are names in a tree! But it didn’t come out to well? I have a gift (I heart you) pen to paper in the sky. I’m not sure what happen to the tree carving? It was pine tree, there was no oak around the site. I put, I heart Elina so if you ever see it, I hope you like it! A house with a tree would be much better.

It’s a cold and wet night, I think all the furry guest are sleeping. I think I ate way to many s’mores tonight. You know I really wish I had some cream for my coffee. Sometimes it gets harder to write even these simple words. I have been thinking about us all day. I try to tell myself it’s almost over, it just seems like a new beginning? No worries My Love, Miss You, Love You, Bunny Kisses!




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