Gray Wolf and Friends

Gray Wolf hears the howl of life! After spending the day with Fox and Mischief. The gecko disappeared again, Mr. and Miss Squirrel cant seem to make it out of there new tree house. Mr. Bear and little cub have turned in for the winter. Fox still laughs at the growling in his sleep. Fox is now grounded maybe just for a winter month.

As usual Gray Wolf can’t sit still! His friends never seem to stop howling, specially at night! Gray Wolf and Friends always like to travel far and wide, sometimes up to 400 miles or so. They never seem to stray to far from the den. Sometimes they have to travel thus far to find a snack. Every once in a while they will take in a stray Wolf and make a new friend. Gray Wolf thinks sometimes his friends are the trouble makers? Gray Wolf wants a Wife and Cubs one day of his own. He cant wait to see Fox and Mischief the Ferret when he gets back! Gray Wolf and Friends in trouble again!


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