I can’t wait, I can’t wait, when are Mr. Fox and Gray Wolf coming to visit? It’s winter time, it might snow? Mr. Gray Wolf said he would back as soon as possible! Wow now how far does he have to go to get that snack? You know I bet you, his friends are out causing trouble again? I get so excited, Mr. Fox might join us too! Mr. fox has been grounded for almost a winter month? I have been making all these plans, for us to go out and cause some mischief! And I have been sleeping all day! Mama Mischief says, I have to get at least 14 to 18 hours of sleep everyday.

I have been good most of the winter! I’m not hiding anything or keeping any secrets like everyone says! Just because my name is Mischief doesn’t mean I’m out causing trouble, like Gray Wolf and Mr. Fox? You know I’m not sure why my friends call me Mischief? I like to run and play do cart wheels and burrow and hide! When I get super, super, excited I do my little war dance! Everyone loves it when I dance, sometimes I just can’t stop! As long as I am not out causing Mischief where ever I go..




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