Gray Wolf Leads The Pack

So winter has set in, cold with lots of snow flakes. Gray Wolf and Friends decide to do a little work this winter! Well you know they have to get home soon. Mischief has been waiting forever it seems like! Fox should be able to come and hangout soon. Gray Wolf and friends love to pull the snow sled! They like to help out every winter and sometimes they even enter races. This year is the race of all races!

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an annual long-distance sled dog race run in early March from Settler’s Bay to Nome, which takes place entirely in the US state of Alaska. Mushers and a team of 16 dogs, of which at least 5 must be on the tow line at the finish line, cover the distance in 8–15 days or more.

Gray Wolf and friends mush, mush! They make their way across snow and ice! Winding trails, snow caped mountains, mile after mile. Mush, mush come on boys and girls you can do it! Gray wolf and friends love to run as fast as they can! The howl of the wind, the howl of Gray Wolf and friends! Mush, mush your are champions! Nome is just ahead Gray Wolf and Friends!


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