The Last Dog Fighter

As the battle unfolded racing through time and space! I may be the last Dog fighter, I have radioed for help! Come in, come in, head quarters this is Dog Fighter 4! I am caught in a dog fight! Rock and roll, after roll their coming straight at me! The galaxy has been at war since the beginning of space. Time travel has never been so controlled. Destiny has time for no man. To travel back and forth can change the outcome of any Dog Fight.

The Worm Hole, it may allow me to travel back in time. When space travel began stepping into the future was never the problem! It was the getting back, never being able to reach the correct time in space. There is no ending to the galaxy, only hope to ending the war. I have to make a jump, command I am about to warp through warm hole 1359 Date at 1200 hrs. I repeat I am under heavy attack!


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