10 Days in Georgia

Thinking about the past while I was in Georgia. But I’m not going to go into too much detail. Well it still makes me crazy, when I even think about it. As most of you know, that  have acutely been reading my rants and raves, and my dying Love for in an amazing women! So this time when I see her she will already know! The days in Georgia with my furry friends, and my book for writing. Why would anyone stand in the way of Love?

Everyone wants someone to Love, or someone to Love them. Seeing two people together, happiness, should be in inspiration. We hope and we pray, not a perfect world. I was reading in article not long ago. It was about a couple, a marriage of time. They wrote about how much they were in Love. They left the words for the children and when they passed, it was within hours of each other. So in Love they couldn’t live without one another! Never will they part, true Love never dies!08-welcome-to-georgia-sign.w710.h473.2x


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