Furry Tale Olympics

The Furry Tale Olympics 2018, the prize gummy bears for a year! We practice all year no matter the weather! Today is going to be amazing everyone is going to be there! The king says, all who enter the archery contest, must be on your best behavior! The princess and all of your biggest fans will be watching. The kingdom is so excited says the King! Little did everyone know? The archery contest is the Kings favorite of all time!

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is warm with light wind. It’s really been a challenging year. All the best archers in the kingdom are sure to arrive. The king is so beside himself, the princess just smile with a look of excitement. Who will be the winner today, the king roars! Roars once more take your places everyone good luck!

Everyone has the prize on their mind, gummy bears! They all draw back almost in sync! The king and princess are all waiting for just the right moment. The King Roars release the arrows, you can hear the whistle of the arrows in the wind. It happens so fast their heads turn as the arrows had taken flight. The kings jaw drops he leans forward! Whoosh, wham the arrows begin to hit the target. They did it, everyone has been working so hard! With everything happening so fast there not sure whose arrows are who’s. It happen sometime with all the excitement. The King roars it’s a tie, it’s a tie, you all have to share the gummy bears with me! The Furry Tale Olympics are over!


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