Endless Love

My Love for my wife is Endless, not a short story an affair of the heart. As my night grows long, I have taken to pen to paper. I watched a movie tonight inspiration for our future! A married couple working through everyday problems. They found a hobby while trying to compromise. Sit down at a table write a story together. Backyard sumo pillow fights, just love and laughter! We long for each other our Endless Love…

A best friend in waiting, we will do everything together! Spontaneous moments filled with lots of adventure! A vacation that never ends. We work we play, watch movies. It’s a compromise! Romantic comedies, she loves romance I’m just hopeless? Comedies because I think I’m a funny guy, so I’ve been told. Long talks over wine, dinner on the patio. Long walks her and I with our new dog. My love for her is Endless! Miss You, Love You, Bunny Kisses!





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