Chapter 1

Crazy about life and every moment of it. True stories begin with truth. Is this story fiction? Held for fear of living a true life? Life of Love, showing what life may truly hold  fate, destiny, just life. A choice with no forks in the road. I can’t see the future, I choose not to live in the past. A write about life almost every time, my life but not what the future holds. I don’t want to know, I’m about living in the moment. Wither their awkward or not, a life with my Wife! A wife I hold near a dear as I have said past, present, future!

Social Life with friends and family. I focus on my life with her and her future with me. My friends and family, her fiends and family, new and old. As we begin are lives together and also our social lives. It makes us who we our, life with crazy social life moments. We choose not to live in fear! We Love meeting new people and together we live Social!


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