Be My Valentine

The days that lead up to Valentine begin to become crucial! Men it’s all about the women if they say anything different and blink twice your already in trouble! I personally love Valentines Day it’s a chance to go all out! To let them know you truly Love them and appreciate them! Every year you run in around trying to think of new ways? Dinner for two at your favorite restaurant, flowers. If you’re in the industry and have to work, well because it’s a blackout day! Try the day before or make a weekend out of it!

Take it from me on the making it happen even though you have to work! The Love and Lost department on that one is at an all time high! And Men let me tell you if you are or were in the dog house, it may be a way out? But you didn’t hear that from me, a secret to a sinful evening. Seven days from now is V-Day! Start today not tomorrow, photos of Love Life! Notes in passing a single flower, extra hugs and kisses! Be true Love Life…


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