Sin City Kitchen News

From Japan we have the best Waygu Beef! And we also have American Waygu which is also amazing. It’s not so much about were the beef comes from. It’s about the use and style of the cuts. As we move toward the future in food trends and diets. There are amazing Chefs and Meat Experts like Tony Mata who made a great discovery in 2013 the Vegas Strip Steak Cut. The concept of using less expensive cuts is not new. I believe now it’s in the manner we treat these cuts. House dry aged, Prime cuts, that are an expensive allow for more affordable dining. To experience the flavor of a great steak is unforgettable! Its like having sex with your clothes on!


Vegas Strip Cut

By Meat expert, Tony Mata

A new cut of beef called the “Vegas Strip” has been discovered. The new cut comes from the part of the cow usually turned into ground chuck.


Merlot Cut

The round petite tender is a similar cut from the round.) The tougher braison, from the heel of the round, is best for braising, while the flavorful Merlot cut, from the side of the heel, is a lean, versatile steak, good for everything from stir-fries to grilling to pan-broiling..




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