Endless Love My Valentine

My Love,

Happy Valentines Day, I’m always thinking about you. My little short stories of love and poems. I wish I could read them to you. There are never enough words or phrases to tell you how much I love you. Just away to tell all the things I think about with you. Endless Love!

Day’s Without You

I have spent so much time without you. I spend most of the hours thinking about you. When will I meet your family? How will I approach the subject of marriage? Will I have a slight stutter like I do when I get nervous? What kind of flowers does your mother like? Should I bring wine? I can’t wait to tell them how I fell about you! Pen to paper are lives at a glance. These are my days without you. And with every chance I take, I’m getting closer!

Your Close to Me

As I walking to a missed appointment. My love you know I don’t share a lot about myself. Only because I want to share them with you. I have so much to say so much to tell you. There is not enough time in the world for all the words. Some will never understand why, or who we love. I reach for you and pull you close to me! You make me love for you, they can never take it away. You can’t write a love song without being in love. Write a book of short stories of love without being truly in love.

Pictures of You

I will never forget the first time you cut your hair. Your front bangs trimmed the rest long with a slight curl. You were so happy I could see it in your eyes. Everyone was so in love with you! I was just hoping to get a picture of you. You are so smart and funny with the whole world in front of you. Never can I imagine this life without you. A reflection in a window is you, mirage in the Sin City dessert is you. Glare in the sun are all pictures of you!

You speak so many, so now I have to learn everyone. It just gives us more to talk about. I just hope when where together we get the chance to learn languages. You pick my love, the language of love for us. We may argue about it, we may fight about it. With all the more reason to make up. Our love for languages!

I’m not lost for words, Just without you. I’m trying to find a way to fall back in love with you. I always was my love even being so far apart. No one to talk too it’s away I won’t forget! See you in the night my love. Will you find me when I’m lost? Anywhere in the world with you, I can never get lost.

First Kiss the Last

Romance novels, soft lips. She walks with grace and confidence. Always a look of curiosity the love for life. She is quite not sure, shy? Her mother means everything to her. How does one ask the mother of someone so amazing? Her favorite words as a child? When where did she take her first steps? How to live if she breaks your heart. I will catch you if you fall my love. Are first kiss the last.

A love Poem for Her

Would I ever tell her about this Poem? Often, she looks for lies. I look her in the eyes. She watches my movements the breaths I take. Each one I take for her. It’s not a song I tell her. Can she see the truth in my eyes? If I look away will she walk away? Afraid to look at her! Will I lose my breath like the song? If I write a song will she listen. This Song is about a love poem for her. Be a kid again write a letter, pass a note.


I never speak her name, I just want to keep her to myself. I’m holding on to her, never will I let her go. So amazing and beautiful in every way. I find the words in passing and use passion to fill the lines. You never to far I can feel almost every heartbeat. I Love you more than words! I love You, I Miss You, Bunny Kisses!




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