Endless Love

As I began the week with the weekend in mind. A little short on words, not on Love. My Endless Love story for my wife. She reads I write, we live the story. She is in amazing part of my life! I miss her very much, I’m reaching out for you My Love. I know your well as am I. Cannot wait to see you, dinner table laughter. You know we have so much to talk about. Plans to make, with place to go. Or we could just do nothing! So you know how much I am in Love with you. I mean it’s a serious, I will hurt someone kind of Love!

I know sometime you might ask yourself why? So I well tell you, its everything about you. The first day you walked into my life! And of course I wasn’t the only one. I’m still fighting for you everyday! I have to tell you this is crazy, you’re so close. Almost within reach. I minute with your smile I long for. I have to tell you as I tell this story. A while back I had this dream, maybe not even asleep? It was like you were talking to me. And you appear like we were connecting. You are the only thing that matters. Endless Love…


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