Love Life 2018

Dear, Love Life

Hi, my name is Anonymous and I’m not currently in a relationship. I do date and have met a lot of nice people. But I find myself searching. I always look for the imperfection in someone. I often wonder if there looking for my imperfection. I know life and love are not perfect. There is never enough romance! I’m not sure what I am looking for? Love seems out of reach in the 2018 dating seen. It’s about impression not first impression, material world. Thank you for your thoughts!

Dear, Anonymous

I wrote a little something not to long ago. About compromise in ever-changing world. There is in old saying. When you look for love you may or may not find it? But this is a tough one hmm. I believe that love finds you, and sometimes you chase after it! Life’s imperfections, wait for the second impression. We all want to be perfect, loved for what we have and not for who we are. And sometimes in a relationship of compromise its enough, 2018 times have changed. My advise live in the moment wait for love, chase dreams. Most often you meet someone while doing the things you love. The things, places your interest, something in common. The future of Love Life!



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