27 Day and Nights Georgia Life Part 2

The first week I arrived decided to get a little familiar. What’s in the kitchen cabinet? The weather was at times windy, rainy. And I had a couple of furry guest, moo-moo the cat and Mr. rabbit. I wasn’t able to get any picture, they where quick to get away. Time seems to just disappear! As I also did a lot of reading! I read four books to be exact one being ( Turn Washington Spies). Which was a great book, left my imagination steeped in history.

The test kitchen,

My menus consist of a little Low Country and Italian, even some Asian. With one pan I get to work! I used locally sourced ingredients some frozen even canned. Being an adventure camper you always find new ways to bring flavors to the campsite. If in the big sky country of Montana, you may find wild growing mushrooms edible flowers, dandelion greens. So where ever life takes you? Campsite kitchens, remember with a little love, amazing food in the great outdoors!

Having Southern Roots and being Native to Las Vegas, which sometimes called the 9th island. My friends from The Hawaiians brought local flavor and Island imagination. The local lunch plate is a most have tradition in Hawaii and Sin City. Always with Mac Salad and Rice and one of my favorites Kula Pork! Today’s lunch menu and local lunch plate. Crispy Fried Chicken Georgia Yellow Peach and Honey Glaze, Mac and Cheese, Seasoned Fried Potato Wedges Dinner Roll! Georgia Life Local Lunch Plate!

A low country instant classic stewed okra and tomato over white rice!

Coastal Jumbo Shrimp two ways. Hot Sour Soup, Table Side Pour. Salt Pepper, White Rice, Native Georgia Tree Leaf Plating..

Rigatoni, broccoli, chicken, basil pesto cream sauce.

Potato gnocchi, Romano pan gravy!

Leftover Romano pan gravy peppered meatballs and bread favorite French baguette.

Charcuterie on paperback Sulmi, cured spiced pork, white cheddar cracked pepper, baguette, spread basil pesto.
Parisian baguette local paper with tree vine wrap. With paperback favorites.



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