City Lights

1998 As I arrive to Sin City! Over the Hoover Dam Sin City back drop and landscapes begin to appear. As I make my way down through the valley never knowing what life lies ahead. My first New Year’s Eve year 1998 club Utopia, the Strip and vacant lots. My world and life in Sin City would forever change!

Underneath the Sin City Lights, erotic tales after hours of lust. Another side of Las Vegas only some will ever imagine or even see. I had immersed myself in everything Sin City! On and off the strip for so many years. Never did I make it to the world-famous Drais for a night-cap. Always lost to where else the night turns into day.

I am known to often be seen or heard at local Erotic dance clubs. Spending time with some of the most beautiful women of Sin City. Underneath the cloud of the mysterious, comes another side, my world as I knew it.

Twist and turns once again underneath The Sin City Lights. A dream of Strip walks with the sun in my eyes. There is a knock at the door. It takes you to the other side. A city with so much imagination that bares all. You can ask someone to take you? But it’s something you have to see for yourself. As you let go to the Sin City Lights!


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