The Exiled

The Exiled
Part 1

We set sail not knowing what truly lies ahead. The year 1776! Harsh winters with rising tides. Waves tall as Cathedrals. Sickness aboard the ship was quite often. Thoughts of love ones in song. The Captain always of drink and spirit. We were on a heading bound by the North Star. We were to circle the great horn of Africa.

1776 pirates were known to patrol such waters off the coast of Africa. We did not live in fear are Captain was true. Argggh he always says! We chase storms me mates! His first in command stands idle. I captain four fathoms as we already set sail.
War was always looming with theses Pirates! We were bound by the sea and all that lies beneath. The Exiled by a Nobel man in search of lost love. Aboard the ship the men talk of a capture on the high seas. She was lost in battle she was. The Exiled without her return?

As we make way thru the Cathedrals they grow bigger! Months at sea the clouds grow darker and darker. The Captains face grows with a slight smirk. His first in command looks to the men. He appears nervous. The clouds grow darker. Wanting to drop sails as the horizon sets. Looks like the sea drops with water fall motion as we approach are end. A crew says quietly among the men hold steady, hold steady. Lightning strikes all around us.

The Captain turns looks his first in command square in the eyes. Do not drop the sails, arrrrgh do not drop the sails. We sail for war! Crash, boom lighting everywhere! Are we doomed? The men speak of The Exiled we must find his Nobleman lost Love. Pirates at war, thunder, seas are high! Captain the first in command yells, I Captain we chase storms of war! Love for a Nobleman. The ships christened named The Exiled 1776! Only can they return with His Nobleman lost love.

The storm rages on as we approach the horn. I mates we shall be there in time. No more will the call us the Exiled, I Captain. The Captain stands true arrrgh that’s right me mates. Love and war on The Exiled sextant!



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