The Exiled Part 2

The Exiled
Part 2

The day with a bright blue sky, sunstroke painted pink. Year 1750 they meet during a family gathering a hunter’s pack. Golden blond hair, emerald-green eyes. The painted pink sky matched her lips. In unforgettable smile! A battle broke out between heartbeats. Dogs running and barking a stag in a distance. Match made easy by family’s with such social standing.

A quarrel began with a smile how are you My Lady. A slight kiss of the hand, warm to the touch. Wearing her Saturdays best just bought from a dress-maker shop while on holiday in Paris. Forever to be loved the future Nobleman thought to himself! She could be quite tiresome for her love of independence. This only made him Love her even more. Don’t leave without me on this hunt she says! Hmmm a match you think? The future Nobleman replies, the hunt isn’t over just yet My Love!



The story already written the hunter and huntress. In UN wavering love. Bound by family but with already a secret love, as she we sneak out to see him. A children’s tale of growing up together. A love of in early forbidden romance. The future nobleman once as a child, a vow of never letting go.

As they approached the horn! There were many ships on the horizon! Almost too many to count! War, arrrgh the captain screams. The men look onward cannon fire, clouds of smoke blocking their vison. Screams and Pirate songs carry in the wind. The Exiled make ready for battle. A report was given of which ship carried the Nobleman’s Love, the wife he adored since as I child. Report given while docked for minor repairs due to heavy seas and sickness aboard the ship.
Boom, crack, boom, the wood crumbles as The Exiled pulled along the ships left flank. The sails carried a new symbol of the Nobleman’s war cry. Boom, Boom, cannon fire repeats itself like a lost moment of  love! A war of love and piracy with ships all about in search of their lost bounty. The Exiled become keepers of the heart soon to return home.


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