Two a’ Clock

Two a’ Clock
2:00 pm

It was almost like time was standing still. A moment just captured. The night before and every night the man had approached her, words of seduction. Tomorrow as you sit at your favorite café. Tomorrow you will wear the dress cut just above the knee. Tomorrow your hair and makeup will be just perfect. Sit with your legs crossed just out of reach. There are no secrets between us. As I read the paper. I am at a loss for words! You are so beautiful sitting there as you are patient. What was said the night before I can’t remember?


As I am not able to stop looking at her! She is perfect in every way! We are dressed just for the occasion. Every day we meet in time. Are obsessions with every wakening moment? Her skin soft as blended cotton, lip-stick the shade of burgundy. Hair brushed, flushed against her cheeks. A slight cover of sight and not to be seen. She is ready at touch waiting to let go. It’s Two a Clock!


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