A Kitchen Romance

All day I had been thinking about her! So in Love I don’t know what to do. I thought to myself let’s make dinner plans. What will she wear, how much to the imagination? Will she arrive late, as the wine takes a breath.

She arrives in a pink and white summer dress. Long blond strawberry hair. Her soft skin matches the color of her dress. She wants to help with dinner. My kitchen is small and intimate. It wasn’t in my plans, it startles me. Things begin to become warm with subtle touches.

As we began cooking, she turns to me a kiss. The pasta water begins to come to boil. She blushes and begins to perspire. As I reached to salt the water she brushes against me. I am nervous to the touch. She smells of lavender and summer berries.

She stands just in front of me as she stirred the pasta into the water. I began to kiss her on the small of her shoulder. As she had pulled her hair back and places it to the right side of her body. She braces herself as the sauce comes to a simmer. I am in Love as our Kitchen Romance begins to unfold…  676ead020947177a49e48ef755af8e67


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