Love Life

Dear, Love Life
Hi, my name is Anonymous. I have been chasing Love I feel for almost a lifetime! I didn’t mean to fall in Love. It just happened on a rainy day. I meet him at local bistro having dinner and drinks with some friends. We hit off right away, never in awkward moment. We have been dating but with no commitment? Are we dating, or am I stuck in the friend zone? Life and its moments sometime come into question? Is he afraid to just make the move? Love Life what to do Chasing Love?

Dear, Anonymous
Is Love chasing you! Men can be just shy, and there is sometimes a fear of commitment. The best kind of Lover is stuck in the friend zone. Always afraid to make a move, the quiet and shy type. Moments in life is what’s only waiting for you! Stop Chasing Love and surrender to it. All the right moves..


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