World On Fire

Soft to the touch as amazing and beautiful she is! As she entered the room dressed in white, shoes tied tight to the tip of her toes. Hair long fiery red eyes, blue as run away marbles. Often as I see her, thoughts of her cross my mind.

A moment of weakness, soft wet kisses as she sets the world on fire. As I longed for her, my love be came over whelming! Lost, without control soon my world was on fire. Clouds of darkness cold blue eyes, a fire storm appears.

The first time I saw her the summer of love. Paris it was after dark, the moon had lit up the sky. As the rain began to fall her fiery red hair. There is a cobble stone street where two doors open to a studio just above. As you pass by a figure appears, a ballet. A jewelry box ballerina dances with ever lasting grace. She is full of life and love, passion with every step.  dedication

With one hope just maybe too see her dance? A Life with her became more of a reality. As she continues to set the world on fire. As I of yet to learn her name? Pairs lights after dark become bright, as if  she set the city on fire.

I desired her in every way a women could.  As I take a breath, every thought of her runs away. I have to see her as this fire rages on! The Hour glass tips with time. I want this dance to never end!

Just through the doors down a cobble stone street. Paris after dark, a fire burns deep within as she dances, she sets My World On Fire

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