Love Life

Dear, Love Life
Hi, my name is Anonymous and as I sit here in wonder? My husband may be talking to another woman. My husband and I do not work together, but I have this overwhelming feeling? Sometimes on occasion I stop by his work and see this woman. She is beautiful and has a really nice smile. She is always seems to be talking to him and flirting. Sometimes I know a man can’t help talking or being nice. I believe She maybe up to no go? Love Life what to do, worried?

Dear, Anonymous
Let’s not worry, and give him a lesson in Love. How about we give him something to think about! Subtle hints, how about put some nice lingerie on? In the morning as you head off to work! Keep him guessing, two can play this game! That maybe one way to go? Let’s sit him down calmly, Husband if I see you flirting with another woman again! I will set your world on fire!



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