Endless Love

As I write our story, I thought about this last night and again this morning. I thought about how to tell it? Where to begin, the first day I saw you. The first time I fell in Love with you! It’s been almost a year, a year since I first saw you again. Why are we apart? Friends and family and so many others know the truth! So now I’m telling the story again.

It’s about Endless Love, chasing dreams. Looking for the truth all while trying to be set free. I walk among the weak and the tired. Eyes of wonder as they also search for the truth. Though we have never done anything wrong! But just Love one another in the pursuit of happiness and a better life for ourselves and families. Our Love will not falter, fade away, or die. As we continue to tell our story, Endless Love will set us free! I Adore You, Miss You, Love you, Bunny Kisses!


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