Sin City Life

For the years to come as we set our sights on the future! Becoming The number one city for service industry and gaming are just around the corner. With 3 major sports team by 2020 and world best working in the service industry today. The premier destination for Weddings, EDM and among other great things Las Vegas has to offer. I believe Las Vegas will become the Greatest City For Tourism and number one destination for travel. Sin City Life setting the trend!

Nevada Economy

Nevada Tourism and Gaming


Both the number of jobs and annual earnings grew in Nevada’s Tourism, Gaming, and Entertainment sector in the first quarter. When compared to last quarter an additional 700 jobs were added to the sector, with average earnings improving $340 a year. In total, Nevada’s largest industry sector now employees 413,000 workers who make, on average, $32,100 per year.
With the star power of Las Vegas and the diversity of natural settings, Hospitality and Tourism is the state’s iconic consumption-oriented industry and a major economic engine that creates tens of thousands of jobs for Nevadans.

Given its leadership, Nevada is focused on leveraging its intellectual capital in hospitality, tourism and related leisure services to diversify the traditionally service-oriented industry into higher-value and innovative activities that would create higher-skill and higher-paying jobs, expand the state’s exports, and even open up new opportunities for IT-based activities.

Central to that goal, the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, ranks as one of the country’s top two college hospitality programs. The school’s faculty has written more than 30 textbooks that are used in hospitality programs all over the world.

With more than 150,000 hotel rooms, Las Vegas is the ideal living laboratory for
the study of hospitality. Programs include hotel administration; culinary arts and beverage management; service, lodging and resort management; recreation; professional golf management; meetings and events management; and sports and leisure services.

The research institutes, centers, journals and data collections of the College of Hotel Administration make it a trusted resource of hospitality and gaming information that people and governments draw on as they research the best policies and practices for their states or countries.


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