The First Time

Part 1

It was spring of 1985 almost time for summer break. Thoughts of the family cottage begin to take control. With every year holds mystery and adventure. Family outings short trips to town. This year I felt things were going to be different. Sometimes I would have these feelings almost if they were like butter fly’s in my stomach. With graduation looming never time for friends or love.

The weeks leading up to summer break I have never been so busy. Always rushing where ever I go, and then I meet someone out of the blue he is nice and very smart!         A major in history and minor in English lit. A hopeless romantic perhaps but never talks about love, it’s the only thing I ever want to talk about.

It was just days away when I got the nerve to ask him up to the Family cottage. He smiled and says I would love to; the family would be away so I could be alone with him. I’ve never really been with anyone. It’s the only thing I can imagine now as the feelings in my stomach begin to worsen. The thought crosses my mind what ever will I do, never have I ever been in love before. Is this what they speak of “the feeling in the pit of my stomach” in emptiness? cottage-in-the-woods_2print3_sq2013

Dressed in favorite summer dress he arrives I’ll take him on a walk through the forest, wanting to get lost with him. Trees blowing in the wind flowers still in bloom as we walk, he grabs my hand taking into his. As we talk the conversation begins with soft kisses. It was UN expected kiss, had it been the only thing I’ve ever thought about. It’s already beginning to be a hot summer, and then he kisses me again!

We stop for a moment, as we walk further into the forest. There seems to be no one around, the trail is coming to end. He turns to me and grabs my hand and kisses me again! He places the other hand on my inner thigh. I brace myself against the young oak tree. There is just a clearing ahead with wild flowers and tall grass, he kisses me again and takes my hand a leads me through the tall grass and wild flowers.


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