The First Time

Part 2

As I turn to him he places his hands on the small of my back. He takes me, as we lie down slowly in the tall grass. He is passionate with every waking moment. Slowly to take the summer dress into his hands, I shut my eyes as he embraces me. With each kiss the feeling begins to go away he touches me with eyes wide open.

For the entire summer we continue this romance. As I let go with every time we our together. It’s becoming more and more intense. He asked me to wear something different each time we meet. But this time he asked me to wear the same dress our first time? I cannot say no to him! Meet me again at the young oak tree where we shared our first time.

As I make my way down the trail over the fallen leaves. I feel like he is watching me? I see that I am close; the tree is just at the bottom of the trail. With every step butter fly’s begin to appear. I ask myself why, the young oak tree, we have been here before. Summer is almost over we have such little time together! As I approach the young oak tree, there is something lying at the bottom? I believe it is a letter, as I look around for him he is no were to be seen?

My Love,

I wanted you to remember the first time. The first time you wore that dress. Holding hands as we made our way down the trail. The young oak tree, wild flowers and the tall grass. Each time I kissed you it was like the last. The way you moved with you eyes wide open. Have I always longed for you in every way and our first time. You our so beautiful and amazing to the touch. I never want to forget our First Time. I am in Love…  



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