The Girl Next Door

In this story as some have been told in scripts and in life’s motion pictures, the girl next door is perfect in every way. Desired school boy crush with every passing glance. She appeared nightly in her white night-gown, seen from her window. I never saw her in school with her parents or any kind of function? I pictured her in that window in her white night-gown, as I undressed her with my eyes. My nights began to become sleepless! So many what if’s or why not’s I could hear almost breathing sometimes with each breath I take.


There were rumors of a girl who would be seen dancing after dark. I asked myself could this be true. Is this all in my head just another imagination the girl in the window the perfect girl next door? One night I heard a scream as if history was repeating itself. Have  I heard theses screams before. As I try to forget, every night as I see her! I must go to her run to her never to look back!

I can’t believe how perfect she? Why do I hear these screams on eves night, forget this I am not taking any more of this! Its time, I have to see her I won’t waste another minute! So I get out of bed I make my way next door! I stop and think does she see me, as I stare at her from across the way? Is she the girl who dances in the dark? Never mind that I’m going! I look for stones anything I can toss at her window!

As I am about to look up there she is standing over me? Hi How are she says dressed in her white night-gown. With a surprise I said I am fine thank you. She says to me, I’ve seen you around, as I begin to gasp for air. What do I say, has she seen me staring at her through the window? I replied I have seen you as well just as I pass by on my way home. Oh she replies turns her head slightly and as she runs her fingers through her hair.

She tells me her name is Mystery! With a stutter Mystery what a beautiful name! She is so beautiful and amazing what am I ever to do? I almost forget my name! I tell her my name with such quickness it almost frightens her! I am Quinn I live just next door! As I’m not sure what to say or do next hoping she will take the lead. She moves closer and asked so what is you like to do? Not to sound to over eager you know the usual stuff reading writing. I also like to watch movie when I’m not studying. She has this look of curiosity in her eyes. I am at a loss for words what do I say? I like your night-gown! She smiles and replies thank you. She turns and begins to walk toward the door by Quinn I have to go now!

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