Endless Love


Hello My Love, Here we are at the beginning of in ending? As we are on week 8 with these never-ending thoughts! Do you remember the first time we meet? I know I do! I was nervous not sure what to say. I’m not sure if I told you this already. I may have just in a different way? To be in Love never knowing the end! Endless Love, the first time I saw you. The first bottle of wine we shared even though the man in the middle. Which remain nameless still the homie though!

What was that bottle of we shared I’m not sure I remember? I don’t even want to talk about our first awkward moment anymore. I know you are well as well as one can be during these trying times. The only thing that matters is you My Love. As I adore you in every way since the first time we meet, the first time we shared a bottle of wine, the first time I kissed you! I Miss You, I Love You, Bunny Kisses!

Poetry in motion a love song for the age’s life, you’ve stolen my heart! Pen to paper side-walk chalk Sin City streets. Written words under the asphalt for all to see I will find you as I look endlessly!


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