The Mystery

As I awoke to her lying right beside me. Her hair brushes the right side her face. Sunlight is setting the window I can see the Eifel Tower in the distance. We’ve reached a point in our lives to try new things. As I wonder where has it all gone? Her eyes still bright like the first time we meet. We married here, had are honeymoon here, made love here!

Last night we had our way with each other. As I placed her against the wall I could see the light through her hair! With each motion it was like our first time as I imagine the story over and over again. I pull her hair wrapped it behind her ear. I moved closer and began to kiss her. She turns over living the back of her neck exposed. Naked to the touch the sheets begin to unravel. How we ended up back here again almost remains a mystery. With thoughts of losing her in each and every waking moment! She turns her back to me and reaches out for me she pulls me closer. She tells me I am in love with you as I am lost without her. The point in our lives never reaching the end to the story goes just the beginning of Endless Love Affair.


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