Love in the Kitchen

A recipe for love perhaps, a woman loves a man that can cook! What’s the perfect recipe? A first date, first kiss moment as anyone that knows me! The one thing I do really, really well is cook! Sometimes I cook with close on and sometimes I like to cook without! Ok that’s not true well at least not yet so food favorites roast chicken with gravy, vegetables and of course rice or whipped potato.


As this year has progressed and my blog continues with recipe for amazing dinners, a little wine which I would like to really talk about! Cocktails and Sin City Dreams and all things about Sin City Life, weddings by design, the one I adore my wife. Stories of love and laughter street writer thoughts as seen through the looking-glass, I do what I love I love what I do! Enough about me let’s get cooking it’s like sex with your close on or off it’s in option it’s just my thing! Dinner with the one you Love a series of recipes and ideas!

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