Love Life

Dear Love Life,

Hi, my name is Anonymous  as I have been in love without question. Now I have become so beside myself not sures what to do? Every story begins about a girl as I tell you she is no ordinary women. She is amazing in everyway, we have know each other for quite sometime. Perfect in every way unforgettable smile, laughter that dreams are made of. How do you tell someone so beautiful how you fell if there are not enough words? Love Life I am in Love with the perfect girl what am I to do?

Dear Anonmoyous,

As you are in Love never enough words? How does one show how they feel, tell her how amazing and beautiful she is? Every day you must tell her first date, first kiss, wild flowers. Anonymous letters from the heart its not so much to tell her you have to prove your love. As Rome and Juliet live for love or die trying!


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