Love in the Kitchen

As I have been sharing stories about Love in the Kitchen and how life unfolds in differnt ways taking all that you have learned and applying yourself and just doing what you Love.

As written before as a child living in Europe and attending grade school we we’re  taken on in adventure. We were taken too in amazing place especially when your a kid it was just so unbelievable. The adventure took us to a local bakery where the magic begins. I may have been around six at the time not sure so long ago. My first glimpse in the world of baking and the service industry of course who knew it would be a life long pursuit of Love and happiness! I’m not quite a baker but I can bake just about anything even fresh bread. I am just a cook with alot of Love in the Kitchen.

As I did in the bakery that day this story and recipe begins to take shape. As most of you know I am in Augasta Georgia on an extended absence from Sin City Life. My stay here brings me too a local grocery store that holds on the weekend a cook off if you will and begins at around the age off 5 or 6? They are the future with there tall Chefs hats and even a pair of galoshes in case they get water on the floor. Plastic knives and any other silverware they can find around the kitchen, plastic bench table dinning room with in open kitchen the Chefs go to work! I’m not sure whats on the menu this weekend I just always seem to miss all the fun. I belive they must have the best ticket times! So Love in the Kitchen begins school is now in session! Love what you do, do what you Love..

Chocolate Coverd Molecular Bananas

Todays trend and modern French technique we have Molecular Gastronomy. So I have for all thoes kids out there in easy and playful dessert idea.

Ingredients Yield 1 

One Banana

8 oz Hershey Shell syrup


Slice one refrigerated banana on the bias place on cookie cooling rack and cover with Hershey Chocolate Shell syrup. Serve when ready!




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