Love in the Kitchen

The story some of you may have been waiting on! What happened that night wine, jazz, amazing food, and great company. As I prepared dinner for two, first impression. So lets back up for a minute! Was I trying to make a move yes I belive so, but I couldn’t close as usual I’m kinda of shy that way and a friend had eyes for her anyways so I wall told. So back to dinner!


It wasn’t all about the girl it was about the Love in the Kitchen! I loved every minute of that night I cooked with heart and a lot of wine. Course by course the nights menu evolved into a long and lasting friendship. As she sat across from me on our food bar. We talked about what I have known idea wine, jazz, and amazing food with my friend you no who your. Her name remains Anonymous; Love in the Kitchen….

Main Course

Roasted Seasonal Summer Vegatable Stuffed Bell Pepper



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