Never Leave A Man or Women Behind

Gone but not forgotten! It recent events and the weeks leading up to this one written article. I talked about the RFID movement and Ideas with benefits. I first wrote about child abduction and if that child had a an RFID Chip a life could have been saved. A few weeks ago again it happens in Amber alert was issued another child abduction! When and where does it end?

Never Leave a Man or Women behind. I was born abroad in the country of Iran my Father United States Army retired like most of my famliy and alot friends and there famliys. So I have spent most of my life surrounded by the US Military. Not in American citizen but born to one while stationd in the country Iran. In modern warfare we have so many different ways to montior certain situations and there are times we dont. In recent war with soldiers being captured there where about unkonow and even there health called into question. Soldiers getting lost during a battle with no contact out of sattlite range all of the above! Just maybe with the RFID chip in place will never leave a Man or Women behind!



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