1. Allways tell her or him you love them!
  2. Allwayas put her or him before you no matter what.
  3. Allways a kiss good night and in the morning no matter the puppy breath.
  4. She is allways right or your loving partner is deal with it!
  5. You think you still have friends but he or she is you best.
  6. If they say no to dessert in means yes! And yes you allways pay the check. No such thing is going dutch be a lady or a gentleman.
  7. Lovelife is the best advise!
  8. Keep chocolate and lots of kisses in case of emergency even if you have to hide it.
  9. Spend time with them when ever it is possible smotherd and covered.
  10. Make love, Live for love, romance, food, wine, art and everything that is life with her or him.

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